Special Operations Unveils Vehicles in New Bond Film, “Spectre”

Well, if you must see the new James Bond when it opens this fall, perhaps it will at least wipe the memory of Skyfall from your mind. If you never saw Skyfall, consider yourself fortunate.

Another bonus to seeing the new Bond film, which is titled, “Spectre,” is that we now know precisely what Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will feature in it. Or at least the important ones.

A Jaguar C-X75, Range Rover Sport SVR and Defender Big Foot were all considered press release-worthy by the homefront. The C-X75, as previously reported, will be the villain’s car. Bond will drive an Aston Martin, per usual.

The C-X75 never made it past the concept stages, which is a shame as it’s quite a gorgeous car. A production version was scheduled at one point, but got the axe in 2013. Too many other cars were drawing on Jaguar Land Rover’s resources, most likely. “Spectre” will therefore offer the best chance at seeing what head designer Ian Callum called, “…the finest looking and most innovative Jaguar ever created.”

Yowza. With any luck, the vehicles that the C-X75’s sacrifice enabled will generate so much profit that JLR will have the breathing room to produce something even better a few years down the road, something that surpasses the F-Type, naturally. Using the Acura NSX and Porsche 918 as benchmarks, Jaguar could create a supercar that represents the pinnacle of 2020 engineering.

As for the SVR, we’ve spotlighted two videos in the past of this nearly 600-horsepower supercharged brute in the past. We don’t know who will be driving it at this point, but our money is on a member of her majesty’s secret service. The Big Foot, a super off-road version of the defender will likely be a lackey vehicle, or some low-level thug trying to overcompensate. Thugs always be overcompensatin’.

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