The Jaguar C-X75 is Starring in the New James Bond Movie, Spectre

Jaguar C-X75

There’s no better way to celebrate 75 years of Jaguar. The C-X75 is a tribute to the history of performance, design, and innovation that Jaguar has cultivated since 1945. If you didn’t notice, 75 years ago was actually 1940, so either Jaguar is being cheeky with their naming convention, or this supercar is poised to release in 2020. Regardless, it looks great and we can’t wait to see it racing alongside an exquisite Aston Martin on November 6th.  For those who can’t wait (like we couldn’t) check out this sneak peek:

The C-X75 is quite the concept vehicle. At its base, the chassis is constructed of super-fine carbon-fiber strands. These strands are woven into fabric sheets and then then heated and pressurized with a resin to create a strong and lightweight chassis. Beneath the hood lies a 1.6-liter engine that is both turbocharged and supercharged. The Telegraph reports that “…the C-X75 punches like a heavyweight as soon as you put your foot down…”

jaguar c-x75

That heavyweight jab can be attributed to the electric engines on each axle, which boosts the torque of this supercar through the carbon fiber roof. That explains how the Jaguar C-X75 goes 0-60 in under three seconds with a CO2 emissions rating of less than 99 g/km (US averages are 121-150 g/km). All that power under the hood equates to more than 850 horsepower and 738lb. ft. of torque, plus a top speed that surpasses 200mph.

Sounds like the kind of vehicle we’d like to take a ride in. The Telegraph goes on to compliment the balanced handling and chassis performance of the C-X75, but dings the car’s interior and road-noise. We’d like to remind our readers that the C-X75 is still a concept vehicle – we can only assume Jaguar plans to continue perfecting their 75-year anniversary supercar before it’s released to the public.

jaguar c-x75

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