Will Driverless Cars Ruin The Driving Experience?

For some, driving is more than a utility – it’s a passion. Cars inspire freedom, and the first day behind the wheel is an experience most will never forget.  But recently, driverless cars have been popping up left and right. Google wants their driverless car to replace taxis and Mercedes F 015 is aiming to create mobile living spaces. We’re excited for these driverless vehicles, but our inner motorhead is hesitant. I mean, we love driving – will autonomous cars take all the fun out of it?

Driverless Cars

Let’s Get One Thing Straight

The answer is yes. Simply because autonomous cars don’t require you to drive. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll stop getting behind the wheel. Driverless cars may take the place of our every-day commuting vehicles, but humans won’t stop driving until we all start flying.

Why You Should Want an Autonomous Vehicle

There are many reasons why autonomous vehicles are awesome. For one, autonomous vehicles are going to be safer. Although Google’s autonomous car has been in 11 accidents so far, every single one had the other drivers at fault. The Google car is only going to get safer as time goes on, and the more driverless cars on the road, the more impressive the system and safety will become. If you don’t believe us, Google autopilot plane landings.

Autonomous vehicles will free up our hands, feet, and most importantly, our time. Autonomous cars will allow us to focus on connecting with people, catching up on emails, reading, or watching movies.

driverless cars

The Unfortunate Reality

Driverless cars will take away from the “driving experience”, but how great is that experience anyway? Most of our daily driving is full of stoplights, angry drivers, and traffic.

Maybe autonomous cars can actually make driving more of an experience – less mundane and more focused on the essence of what makes driving an experience. Each time you get behind the wheel, it will be for the purpose of enjoying the drive, rather than ferrying you from point A to point B. If you’re looking for the right ride to deliver that authentic driving experience, look no further than the Jaguar Land Rover Cary Inventory.

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