The Defender Bigfoot, and Other Great Vehicles You Can’t Have From “Spectre”

The Defender Bigfoot

A vehicle accurately named, as it’s a land-traversing beast that we will almost certainly never come into direct contact with. That doesn’t change the fact that we want to know everything about it, though. It may even make us more intrigued. The Bigfoot will be making an appearance in the upcoming James Bond movie, Spectre, but its movie career is only a side gig. This is a vehicle built to tackle the harshest, most impassable situations.

The Range Rover Sport SVR

Luckily, Land Rover’s Bigfoot is just one of the great Land Rovers featured in Spectre. There’s also the Range Rover Sport SVR. The SVR is the faster Range Rover in production, with a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 that rockets from 0 to 60 in under five seconds. Unlike the Bigfoot, you can actually buy the SVR. For anyone interested in seeing both the Bigfoot and the SVR in action, check out the video below from the people at CARX.

The Jaguar C-X75

As an added bonus, the video features the Jaguar C-X75. The C-X75 is one of the two supercars you’ll see in the new James Bond Movie. Built specifically for the movie, this supercar falls under the same category as the Bigfoot: getting near one of these – much less behind the wheel of one – is going to be very difficult. If you’re interested in learning more about Jaguar’s amazing vehicle, feel free to check out the post we wrote last month.

Anyone interested in getting behind the wheels of a Bigfoot or a C-X75 may want to start saving their pennies. We’re sure it’s possible to get your hands on one, but we doubt it’s easy and we know it’s not cheap. The SVR on the other hand is a vehicle that we can definitely help you into. Come by the dealership, give us a call, or reach out to us on Facebook if you have any questions about the Bigfoot, the SVR, or the C-X75.

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