Did You Know that Bob Marley Drove a Range Rover? Check out the “Rastaration” Mon’!

It would appear that Bob Marley’s taste in music was just as refined as his taste in automobiles. Back in 1977, Marley bought a Series III Land Rover to help with work on his farm. He drove the Series III until his death in 1981. The Marley family could have sold the iconic truck for a lofty sum, but to them the Land Rover was much more than a farm-hand.

Bob Marley’s son, Rohan Marley, remembers when his dad brought the Land Rover home for the first time: “How excited we were as little ones to be driving the land rover, we always wanted to ride in the back,” he laughs, “because it was fun!”

The Land Rover sat and deteriorated under the car port of Bob Marley’s Uptown Kingston home – which is now the Bob Marley Museum – for many years after his death. Here it sat as a symbol of Bob Marley, fading slowly.

That was until Sandals Resorts, ATL Automotive, and the Marley family joined forces to bring the Series III Land Rover back to life.

Imagining Bob Marley pull off the lot in this Land Rover is much easier when you see it back in original condition. We only wish there were more photographs of him inside. This was Bob Marley’s farm and family truck; the truck that kept the Marleys safe over roots, rocks, and reggae.

Land Rover has always built vehicles that bring families together, and they will continue to. We would love to show you what great vehicles we have in at Land Rover Cary, so come by our dealership today or give us a call to learn more.

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