Other-Worldly Jaguar Display Like Something Out of Star Wars

There’s stranger than fiction, and then there’s cooler than fiction. A new information visualization system from Jaguar Land Rover envisions a world where colors and images are projected onto the windshield in front of you like a high-tech scene straight out of a summer blockbuster movie. First, watch the video, then we’ll discuss.

“Jaguar Visual Windscreen” is the projection of helpful information onto your windshield. Not static bits of information like your speed, compass direction, or navigation, though—Jaguar is experimenting with providing elements that will actually help you drive better. This is reminiscent of the invisible hood technology debuted earlier this year for Land Rover, quite useful when headed up a steep incline.

Visual Windscreen offers a variety of aids like showing the ideal path for you to follow. A series of green dashes shows you exactly where to go, all within the boundaries of the road, of course. What’s particularly interesting is JVW’s ability to modify your speed.

Proper driving technique says that you’re supposed to break before a turn instead of in the middle of it, but it’s easy to forget that when on the road. JVW would have those green dashes turn to orange or even red to show when you ought to slow before a turn.

Finally, gesture controls would connect these colorful, 3D representations with a futuristically appropriate input from the driver. While physical buttons are good, people often look down to find them. A system which allowed drivers to keep their eyes up would offer a huge leap in safety.

We’re super excited to see this technology in development and are proud that Jaguar Land Rover is leading the way. We’ll keep you posted.

Other-Worldly Jaguar Display Like Something Out of Star Wars was last modified: March 11th, 2022 by Jaguar Land Rover Cary

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