Ideas On How to Have a Successful Father’s Day

Many people have thoughts on the role and impact of fathers in today’s world. Regardless of what those thoughts are, the fact that there are so many opinions shows that this is an important topic. People need guidance and direction about how to grow, mature and develop, and for many people, fathers are looked to as a source of knowledge. It’s inherent in people to seek experience and wisdom about how to live, and fathers are one way we do that.

And yet there seems to be some confusion about who dads are. Google “Father’s day” and you’re likely to find lists of ties, power tools and Hallmark cards to get your dad, but there’s a sense of inaccuracy to it. Dads are usually the ones who give things so when it’s time to get them something, what do you buy? What do you get the one who has given you so much?

We would argue that a hug, and a simple, “What would you like to do today, Dad?” would be an excellent way to start. Maybe it’s finding a perfect pastrami sandwich in some hole-in-the-wall that he’s jonesing for. Maybe it’s a day-trip to a waterfall. Maybe it’s to go horseback riding, or go kart racing, or just to sit and watch the World Cup. It could even be that by not doing anything special, but just being around, a surprising conversation could develop. Simplicity is the key here, and an openness to whatever the day brings.

If you don’t have your father around, you could write him a letter whether he’ll receive it or not. You could have a spirited imaginary conversation in the car or tell someone close to you what your father means or meant to you. On this day you are being nudged to reflect on fathers in whatever way seems best to you. Follow that, and report back here to tell us how it goes.

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