Leith 5000

Save Now During Leith 5000!

The Leith 5000 Year-End Event is happening right now at Jaguar Land Rover Cary. We want you to end 2016 off with a bang, and we can’t think of a better way than offering you this exciting opportunity to buy a Jaguar or Land Rover. This is the absolute best time of the year to […]

women in tech

Women in Tech: Jaguar Land Rover Cary’s Hope Bakker

Let’s face it – we tend to associate car technicians with the image of grease-stained wrench-wielding men. That’s just what we’re used to seeing. But at Jaguar Land Rover Cary’s service department, you’ll find a different image. Meet Hope Bakker, one of the many women dismantling the traditional view of a car technician. We caught […]

go manual

The 5 Best Reasons to Drop the Auto and Go Manual

We’re on the transmission-impossible: Getting Americans to switch to manual. We know, we know: Traffic. But if traffic is your only reason for not driving a manual, we think you’re seriously missing out. Here’s why: 1. Better gas mileage While this is no longer an absolute truth for all manual vehicles, it is still the […]

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