The 5 Best Reasons to Drop the Auto and Go Manual

We’re on the transmission-impossible: Getting Americans to switch to manual. We know, we know: Traffic. But if traffic is your only reason for not driving a manual, we think you’re seriously missing out. Here’s why: 1. Better gas mileage While this is no longer an absolute truth for all manual vehicles, it is still the […]

road rage

Why Road Rage Is Silly, and How to Drive in Zen

Are you still fuming about the Carolina Panthers loss in Super Bowl 50? If so, getting behind the wheel and enduring Raleigh traffic probably isn’t helping. Don’t stress, though – we’re here to help you relax behind the wheel. What is road rage? If you’re a human with a driver’s license, you already know. For […]

Three Incredible Supercar Brands You’ve Never Heard of

The big names always ring a bell: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, etc., but in the vast world of car manufacturing, so many brands go unnoticed. We searched around and found three incredible luxury brands that we feel deserve a bit more credit than they’ve received. Check them out below, and enjoy! 1. Koenigsegg Koenigsegg is […]

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