Welcome to the Jaguar Land Rover Cary Blog

Our goal is to be a continual source of relevant information that you find helpful and interesting. We’ll be writing about news developments for Jaguar Land Rover: new models, new features, concept vehicles, technology improvements, and every way that Jaguar Land Rover vehicles are getting better.

We’ll also provide general driving tips, and auto care that will vary based on the time of year, local events, and what’s happening in Cary and the Triangle. We’ll also share interesting or awesome stories about Jaguar Land Rover.

From time to time we’ll provide test drive reviews of new vehicles that arrive, as well as events at Jaguar Land Rover that you might want to know are happening. We’ll also keep you updated with any special promotions or opportunities that we feature, as well.

If something is happening in the Jaguar Land Rover universe, you’ll hear about it here. And we’ll be sure to put every post up on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus so that you can share it if you think it’s cool. Tweet at us @JaguarRoverCary and we’ll likely tweet back at you!

You’ll notice a few things about the blog’s design:

Scale– The blog is simple and clean, yet adjusts to smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop use.

Focus ­– No pop-up chat windows, distracting photos, annoying ads, dozens of links, or unrelated stories.

Calm – This is probably the overarching motivation behind the redesign. This blog should be an easy way to learn something new, maybe share it, and then go on about your day.


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