Mudding Around the Biltmore in Asheville is Easy In a Land Rover

As far as we’re concerned, North Carolina just about ends at Asheville. Sure, you have the mountains. And that’s fine. But in terms of destinations, if you’re headed west in your Land Rover, you are probably headed to the French Broad and the Biltmore.

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It’s fitting then that Land Rover’s web series, a 12-episode adventure with Bryn Mooser, should conclude exactly there.

“The Road Less Traveled” follows Bryn around the country as he seeks out the most interesting terrain in the continental U.S. for his Land Rover. This fellow with the funny name is an award-winning documentarian, filmmaker and rugged spirit, a sort of Vermont version of Bear Grylls.

Mooser is famous for starting a news site called RYOT, which includes a way to get involved at the end of every single news story it publishes. With ties to Haiti, Zimbabwe, and even Los Angeles, this is just the sort of fellow who can do more with a Rover than sniff out a Starbucks: he can find the abandoned catacomb beneath the Starbucks.

In terms of Asheville, Mooser shows how tricky it can be to navigate difficult terrain. It’s not simply a matter of giving it gas and having the courage to forge ahead, as many 14-year-olds believe. YouTube is replete with examples of people bravely plunging into a river only to see their hood rotate, spin, and carry their $70,000 vehicle downstream like a pinecone.

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Don’t be that person. Instead, take Mooser’s lead and follow the instructions of a professional. Should you find yourself somewhere treacherous one day, you’ll have the experience to know how much to push and where. And in this case, 8,000 acres around the Biltmore estate near Asheville is a great place to learn.

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