Study Reveals Why You Should Avoid Driving on New Year’s

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Avoid Driving on New Year’s

Accidents happen, but over New Year’s they happen nearly twice as often. Think we’re making it up? Check out the research. New Year’s Day is accompanied by a major spike in accidents, especially alcohol-related accidents. And while it’s unlikely that it will happen to you, why take chances? Here’s how to stay safe if you’re driving on New Year’s.

Drive Early, and Stay Put

The minute the sun goes down, it becomes difficult to visually distinguish objects, road signs, and other cars. Our advice is to do your driving while the sun is still up. Get wherever you’re going, and make plans to stay there. Maybe plan something fun, like camping out in the car or throwing a pajama sleep over with some close friends. You’ll probably miss your own bed, but you can handle one night away in the name of safety.

Avoid Driving on New Year’s

Uber It

If you must go home and you’ve been drinking, take a Taxi, an Uber, a Lyft, or a Hitch-A-Ride. Sure, you’ll still be on the road at night, but you’ll (presumably) be riding with a sober driver who knows the local terrain. It may cost you though. These services usually jack up the prices on the holidays. That’s why it’s best to stay put.

If You Absolutely Have to Drive

We realize you don’t always have the luxury to choose between staying at a friend’s place and getting a ride home. There are plenty of reasons why neither of these are feasible options. If that’s your situation, just drive with the knowledge that you are on the roads at a dangerous time. Drive defensively, stay focused, and as always, don’t drive under the influence of any substance. It’s never worth the risk.

Avoid Driving on New Year’s

The holidays can be great fun, but each year we hear the stories of irresponsible drivers who paid dearly for their mistakes. It’s not right, and it’s not fair, but it is reality. Take your time, and make good decisions this New Year’s.

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